Bone Broth

Bone Broth

I’m sure you have heard people say when you are sick to have a bowl of chicken soup. Its not just and old wives tail. The benefits come from the chicken stock/broth which is the base of the soup. Not only is a soothing easy to digest soup that delivers a whole load of nutrients, chicken stock contains and amino acid called cysteine which helps thin mucus in the lungs.

What is bone broth? Its a stock made by simmering beef, chicken, fish or lamb bones with vegetables and herbs over a period of time (ideally over 24hours) Its not expensive to make (you can use the scraps of bones from your next Sunday roast) If you don't have time or desire to make your own bone broth you can buy it online and have it delivered to your door. Just make sure its organic and grass fed. If you are suffering from this terrible Aussie Flu i recommend ordering a couple of bottles ASAP!

As the awareness of bone broth increases so does its popularity. You can even get a take away cup of bone broth from Pret! It’s becoming easier and easier to include in your daily routine. When i lived in the UK i would start my day off with a takeaway cup of beef bone broth which tasted like a delicious rich gravy. It doesn't need to only be consumed when you aren't feeling well it has a whole range of other health and beauty benefits.

Bone broth is an excellent cure for leaky gut syndrome - it contains glutamine which is the main nutrient used by your smaller intestines cells. When you are stressed this nutrient is depleted causing a leaky gut. The collagen/gelatin helps provide a lining for the intestines to protect if from harmful pathogens getting in. It also acts as an excellent anti inflammatory thanks to its high levels of amino acids proline, glycine and L arginine. The glycine also acts as a calming agent for the nervous system.

Just a side note to add in - our intestines are our immune systems, if they aren't healthy we cant be healthy!

It can help relieve joint pain as it contains chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine - which are key ingredients in most joint relief supplements. 

Drinking bone broth every day is one the best things you can do for your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which is a primary ingredient used in dermal used in most derma fillers and anti ageing products. Its key to helping your skin retain moisture. It contains a high level of collagen which is excellent for increasing skins elasticity and helping your hair nails grow faster. 

Bone broth can also help you have a more restful night of sleep due thanks to the magnesium in it. The magnesium in bone broth is highly bioavailable due to slow cooking process. It also provides a good level of calcium to keep your bones and teeth strong.

It is in my option the healthiest homemade “supplement” that you can add to your diet and we would all benefit greatly from including it in our day to day life. 

Recipe to come soon!

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