1. Weekly Tip - Your Health is an investment, not an expense.

    We can easily start to think of all the expenses of living a healthy life style - with gym memberships going up, healthy food options being more expensive, It all adds up and can be quite overwhelming. Yes living a healthy lifestyle can come at a cost, but so can treating an illness. We need to think of it more as an investment into our current and future self. It’s so important to invest time, effort and money into keeping ourselves healthy everyday. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start trying to make a difference. 
    Not all the investments need to be costly though. Investing in your health could be making sure you get a good night sleep each night, getting outside and going for a walk to de stress and exercise, drink more water or making healthier food choices. 
    Your health is the most important investment you will ever make. After all “The greatest wealth is health”.
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  2. Week Tip - Home made tomato soup

    Home made tomato soup may not be as easy as opening a can of soup, but its much more tastier and no hidden additives! Double up the mixture and you can freeze extra portions for a quick soup the next time round.
    800g tomatoes cut into quarters
    4 tablespoons olive oil
    2 cloves of garlic
    1/2 teaspoon oregano 
    500ml vegetable stock
    Sprinkle of salt and pepper
    Preheat the oven to 180degrees.
    Place the tomatoes and garlic in an over proof dish and drizzle with olive oil followed by the oregano, salt and pepper.
    Place in the oven.
    After about 15minutes give the tomatoes a stir to make sure they are roasting evenly.
    Cook for another 15-20minutes or until tomatoes are starting to darken.
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  3. Blog - Evening Primrose Oil

    Evening Primrose oil is from cold pressed seeds and flowers of the Evening Primrose plant which is native to the America. Evening Primrose oil contains two essential omega-6 fatty acids Linoleic acid and gamma-linoleic acid. - essential meaning we need to get it through our diet as our body can’t produce it. Balancing omega 6 fatty acid along with omega 3 fatty acid is important for many bodily functions including improved hormone function.
    Woman have taken Evening Primrose Oil for many years to help reduce the pain and other symptoms associated with PMS. It can also be used to help balance hormones during menopause.
    Evening primrose oil has shown to be beneficial in increasing cervical mucus which can help improve fertility. It can be taken as a natural remedy to increase fertility and it also has the ability to improve uterine muscle tone in the preparation for pregnancy by causing the m
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  4. Weekly Tip - Why do we suffer with low energy?

    There are so many causes for us to suffer from low energy and they aren’t all ‘unhealthy’, sometimes being ‘over healthy’ can be a cause too. Over exercising and not giving our body the amount of rest time we need to recover can cause our energy levels to be depleted. Following a diet that is too low in calories, or the wrong balance of macronutrients can often leave us feeling low in energy and thats when bad nutritional decisions are made, as we look for quick fixes to boost our energy levels. On the other end of spectrum, not exercising at all can leave us feeling sluggish and low on energy. Eating too much of the wrong foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients can also leave us with low energy and deficiencies which can cause fatigue. It’s important to find the happy medium that works best for you and your energy levels, we are all different, what might work for one person most likely won’t work for another. If you are feeling like you are struggling with low energy - spea
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  5. Hearty Beef Stew

    This delicious meal will warm you up from the inside out! It’s an excellent way to add lots of tasty nutrients to your diet. 
    2kgs stewing beef
    2 brown onions diced
    2 cloves of garlic minced
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    3 carrots cut into coins
    2 sweet potatoes chopped into 50p coin size
    2 sticks of celery diced
    500ml beef bone broth
    1 tin of chopped tomato
    1 tablespoon of marmalade 
    • If you have a slow cooker turn on to the sauté setting, if not you can use a stock pot. Add the olive oil and diced onion and cook for about 3-5minutes until the onion has softened.
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  6. Weekly Tip - Healthy Christmas Cookies

    If you are looking for a healthy alternative to your usual sugar cookie or ginger bread man recipe give this one a go! Tasty with no refined sugar!
    250g almonds
    1/2 cup cake flour
    1 egg
    1 teaspoon bicarb
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/4 teaspoon ginger (optional)
    1/4 cup maple syrup
    2 tablespoons coconut oil
    • Pre heat over to 180degrees 
    • Add the almonds and blend until they are a fine crumb, then add all the other ingredients to a blender and blend until at a smooth consistency. The dough should come together.
    • Place the dough in-between two sheets of baking paper, using a roller - roll
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  7. Weekly Tip - vitamin D deficiency

    Are you more at risk of vitamin D deficiency 
    Our main source of vitamin D is the sun, so supplementing with vitamin D during the winter months is key to preventing deficiency. That being said, there are other factors that can make us more at risk of a vitamin D deficiency. Have a read below
    • Having darker skin - people with darker skin have higher levels of melanin which results in less vitamin D being absorbed from the sun. 
    • Wearing sunscreen - wearing sunscreen reduces the absorption of vitamin D, try spending 10-15 minutes in the sun before applying sunscreen. 
    • People who are house bound or have jobs that keep them working indoors. 
    • Age also raises our risk of becoming deficient - as we age our skins ability to absorb vitamin D lessens.
    • Having cystic fibrosis, celiac or Crohn’s d
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  8. Peppermint

    Peppermint has a long history of use dating back 1000BC, and one of the most popular essential oils used worldwide. It’s actually a hybrid species of water mint and spearmint. It can be bought in many different forms - essential oil, tea, capsules or tablets and sprays. The essential oil which is the most commonly used form is made by cold extraction of the arial parts of the plant (leaves, stems and shoots). 
    There are many benefits of using peppermint either topically or taking it orally. Have a read below to learn about the benefits of this ancient herb. Please note the benefits below are from taking peppermint oil capsules or using the oil as an inhalant or topically. Peppermint tea whilst tasty - is not made for medicinal uses.
    • Improve IBS symptoms - peppermint oil capsules when taken orally has been used as a natural remedy for treating irritable bowl s
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  9. Week Tip - Tips for staying healthy during the festive season

    With December already here, the weather getting colder and the delicious Christmas treats being passed around it can make sticking to a healthy life style a little harder. I’m all for enjoying yourself and enjoying the occasional treat, but you don’t want to loose all your hard work and be back at the starting point come 1st of January.
    • You don’t need to wait until the new year to start a new healthy routine. Why not start now - You will be a whole month ahead by the time January is here.
    • Keep up your exercise routine - Being consistent with your exercise routine can help keep you motivated in staying healthy.
    • Keep hydrated - when its cold outside - drinking water becomes a lot harder! Try adding some different herbal teas.
    • Use this time to start new healthy Christmas traditions - long family walks, exercising together as a family…
    • Try use this time to
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  10. Weekly Tip - My top 3 Benefits of Cranberries

    Cranberries are very close to the top of this list of fruit with the highest antioxidant concentrations. They can be a little bitter to eat, so not usually your first choice of berry, but I hope after reading this you will start including them in your diet more often. They have many health benefits, have a read below to learn about my top 3 benefits of cranberries.
    Help prevent and treat UTI’s. - If you get UTI’s frequently I recommend supplementing with cranberry. Cranberries contain special compounds that can stop bacteria from sticking to the surface of the urinary tract. Next time you feel a UTI starting try either drinking pure cranberry juice or taking a cranberry supplement, chances are you won’t need to take an antibiotic!
    Great for your digestive tract and immune system - Just as cranberries can stop bad bacteria sticking to your urinary tract, they can do the same for your gut linin
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