Hay fever isn't fun at the best of times, and whilst there are foods that can improve our symptoms, there are also foods that can make us a lot feel worse. If you suffer from hay fever or other allergies paying attention to what you eat or drink can help significantly!
Eating foods that contain histamines should be avoided. Histamine is a chemical produced by our body and found in certain foods that can have a wide variety of effects from itchy skin to congestion to nausea (and there are many other symptoms). Foods to limit or avoid during a hay fever flare up are : nuts, packaged meat such as salami, fermented dairy and other foods, aubergine, beans and pulses, pickled and canned foods, shellfish, refined sugar, ready meals and chocolate. Unfortunately it’s not just foods that contain histamine, but your favourite alcoholic beverage could be contributing to the worsening symptoms. Try avoiding or limiting wine, beer and cocktails. 
Eating or drinking dairy products should be avoided or limited during hay fever season. Dairy products encourage the build up of mucus which can leave you feeling even more blocked up.