Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient and our main source of it comes from the sun, however we can get a small amount from our diet. It’s stored in the liver and fatty tissues and plays a vital role in regulating the absorption of calcium which prevents weak and brittle bones which can lead to osteoporosis. Additionally vitamin D is important for keeping our immune system balanced.
With the days getting shorter and the weather colder we are spending less time outside and covering up more to keep warm. This is preventing us from absorbing vitamin D from the sun. Now is a good time to introduce a vitamin D supplement to prevent a deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can cause many different symptoms throughout the body from weakened bones, poor immune function, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, fatigue, hormone imbalances, poor cognitive function and even making us more susceptible to certain cancers. As you can see it is a crucial nutrient we need to be getting enough as it supports so many bodily functions.
There are many different types of Vitamin D supplements available which will prevent you becoming deficient in the winter months. I personally prefer FSC’s vitamin D3 drops as all you need is a few drops on your tongue and you’re covered.