With this cold snowy weather we are all wearing more layers when we leave the house, and this  leaves less skin exposed to the rare sunshine that might pop through the clouds.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient and our main source of it comes from the sun. So during the winter months when sun exposure is at the absolute minimum it’s important to take a vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D has many important health benefits. Studies have shown vitamin D can help strengthen and keep our immune system balanced. It may help reduce the risks of respiratory infections and limit the effect of colds and flu.

Being deficient in vitamin D can make you more susceptible to illness! It’s also important for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus - which keeps our bones and teeth healthy!

FSC’s Vitamin D3 liquid can be added to drinks or taken direct - it has a delicious orange flavour!

If you are unsure about your vitamin D levels you can get a blood test to check.