1. Weekly Tip - Medicinal Mushrooms

    Mushrooms have a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. There are many different types of medicinal mushrooms available and all with different benefits. They contain powerful antioxidants, fight inflammation and can even help restore hormonal balance to name a few. It’s so easy to include them in your diet nowadays, most health stores sell capsules or powder forms. You may even find mushroom tea or hot chocolate on the menu at healthy eateries. If you are struggling to find which one is right for you - speak to Nutritionist who has experience with medical mushrooms. You can buy supplements that have a few different types of mushroom in to get a wider benefit such as FSC’s Mushroom complex. Containing 3 different types of mushrooms along with astralagus root, each with their own beneficial properties. Have a ready below to learn more about the benefits of the mushrooms found in FSC’s Mushroom Complex. Cordyceps - Which is a fungus that grows on caterpillars has been

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  2. Weekly Tip - Three supplements to benefit your health during the cold and flu season

    The below supplements can help support your body during the cold and flu season.
    Propolis - containing over 300 natural compounds that work along side the immune system as complimentary agent helping it be more effective when fighting illness. Studies have shown it to help treat and shorten the length of colds. Take it at the first sign of illness.
    Vitamin C - Most peoples ‘go to’ vitamin at the first sign of a cold. Studies have shown that it can help reduce the length of illness and helps with the absorption of other important vitamins and minerals.
    Zinc lozenges - can help reduce the length of a cold. The lozenges allow the the zinc to be absorbed closer to the effected nasal passage preventing the virus from spreading.
    When taking a supplement you need to make sure you are taking it correctly and
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  3. Weekly Tip: Propolis

    As the temperatures start to drop and we wave goodbye to summer this couldn't be a better time to start supplementing with Propolis.
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