It’s so true when it comes to exercising (and most things in life) - just doing as little as 10minutes a day can have health benefits! We often think we need a good 30minutes - hour to exercise, and if we don’t have that amount of free time then we can’t exercise. I want you to try change your mindset. Next time you don’t have that golden hour to exercise, try doing something with the time you do have. 
Don’t let not having enough ’time’ be an excuse - write down an action plan for achieving your fitness goals. If you have had a busy day at work, the kids are home sick or your day just doesn’t go as planned.  Set a timer on your phone and just do 10minutes and push yourself - you will feel so much better for it! And if your lucky you might even be able to fit in a couple more 10minute workouts during the day! As the saying goes “you only regret the workout you didn’t do” Each workout no matter how short is taking you towards your health and fitness goals. 
The extra motivation from getting that short workout in will also most likely make you make more time to exercise, help you destress and stay focused on your goals.