Cranberries are very close to the top of this list of fruit with the highest antioxidant concentrations. They can be a little bitter to eat, so not usually your first choice of berry, but I hope after reading this you will start including them in your diet more often. They have many health benefits, have a read below to learn about my top 3 benefits of cranberries.
Help prevent and treat UTI’s. - If you get UTI’s frequently I recommend supplementing with cranberry. Cranberries contain special compounds that can stop bacteria from sticking to the surface of the urinary tract. Next time you feel a UTI starting try either drinking pure cranberry juice or taking a cranberry supplement, chances are you won’t need to take an antibiotic!
Great for your digestive tract and immune system - Just as cranberries can stop bad bacteria sticking to your urinary tract, they can do the same for your gut lining. Studies have shown cranberries to be able to balance the bacteria in your gut and then decrease the bad bacteria. This creates a better environment for the healthy bacteria to grow. Being high in antioxidants - particularly proanthocyanidins cranberries can help fight off any inflammation and keep the gut where most of our immune system is healthy.
May help prevent certain cancers - Being so high in antioxidants some studies have shown cranberries to be able to slow down tumour growth and cancer cells. With their inflammation fighting antioxidants cranberries can help reduce free radical damage which leads to oxidative stress, which leads to disease and illness.
Cranberries can be added to your diet in a variety of ways - pure cranberry juice, dried cranberries, supplements, Christmas baking…although not always enjoyed fresh as they quite bitter.
Remember to always speak to your Doctor before adding a new supplement, especially if you are on existing medication.