1. Chicken Broth Bone

    Chicken Bone Broth

    Following on from my bone broth and vegetable soup recipe. I would like to go a little deeper into the benefits of this tasty liquid gold.

    Chicken bone broth has been an old fashioned go to remedy for helping fight illnesses for many years. Its a soothing, easy to digest and delivers a heap of nutrients - exactly what we need when we are unwell. Chicken bone broth contains and amino acid called cysteine which helps thin mucus in the lungs.

    Bone broth has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and you can find it for sale in many health food shops (liquid or powder form). You caneven get it as a takeaway from Pret!! The best bone broth though is the one you make at home yourself - that way you know exactly what is in and flavour it to your liking. See my bone broth recipe at the end of this blog.

    I’ve mentioned in past posts about how important it is to keep our gut healthy -  it makes up around 80% of our i

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  2. Weekly Tip: Good Food

    It really is as simple as that.

    If you don't buy junk - you wont find yourself aimlessly opening the fridge and snacking on empty calories out of pure boredom.

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